Our History

Valuing community for over 50 years

In 1968, at the age of 19, Junki Yoshida arrived in Seattle from Kyoto, Japan with $500 in his pocket and a head full of dreams. Junki also brought with him the philosophy and skills of the martial arts.

Facing several unexpected challenges in his new homeland, it was karate that served as Junki's greatest salvation. It was these skills that earned him the prestigious appointment as Japan Karate Federation's chief instructor for the State of Washington by the Grand Master in Japan. Eventually he relocated to Oregon to teach karate classes and train law enforcement officers.

It was at this time that Junki and his wife, Linda, started cooking batches of his family's 60 year-old secret recipe for a teriyaki-based cooking sauce in the basement of the karate school and gave bottles of the sauce to the karate students as Christmas gifts. From this small beginning Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce was conceived.

Junki attributes his success to the compassion and determination of the people who surround him. For this reason and due to his success he has been able to generously support many community organizations through sponsorships and fund-raising events such as Sand in the City for the Kids on the Block Awareness Program.

Also, he remains active in various appointed positions and sits on several boards. He has received numerous business and community awards and is a sought-after motivational speaker.