Private Label Products

With decades of experience in crafting and producing market-leading food products, Yoshida has the ability to efficiently create a variety of soda and sauces for your company too.

Working with the best ingredients and a refined distribution system, we guarantee that our private label products will be an effortless and popular integration into your current product line.

Hot-fill Private Label Sauces

Looking to add a sauce to your product line? Well we know sauce, that\'s for sure. Yoshida has been bottling sauce since the 1970\'s, so to say we know what we\'re doing at this point is an understatement.

Cold-fill Carbonated Private Label Beverages

Yoshida added beverage production to its offerings in the mid-90's with the addition of the Crater Lake Soda line. The Crater Lake line of sodas is known for its quality ingredient list and craft-level taste.