Yoshida Foods Solar Power Project

Project Summary
  • Yoshida Foods (Portland, OR)
  • Rooftop photovoltaic system installed on existing industrial facility
  • Roof Area: 70,000 sf (6,5800 sq m)
InSpec's Work
  • Project Management
  • Site Solar Assessment
  • Incentives Applications
  • Design Engineering
  • Facility Structural Evaluation
  • Permit Submittal
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Construction and Installation
  • Inspection and Start-up
System Capacity
  • 166.3 kW
  • 800 Sanyo HIT-210A panels
System Output 16,500 kWh (Annual)
Annual Value of Electricity Generated $13,000
Oregon Benefits SANYO Solar panels (Salem)
PV Powered inverters (Bend)
Integration by InSpec Group Local Oregon contractors