About Yoshida Group, LLC

Yoshida Group is a family of many diverse companies privately owned by Mr. Junki Yoshida. Mr. Yoshida’s first company, Yoshida Foods, was started in his home in 1982 using a recipe developed and used by the Yoshida family in their restaurant in Kyoto, Japan for more than 60 years.

Today, the Yoshida Group’s products and services range from sauce to soda to real estate and property management to a restaurant. The Yoshida Group is headquartered at 8440 NE Alderwood Road, Suite A, Portland, Oregon 97220.

An unwavering commitment to excellence for our customers, our community and our employees has established the Yoshida Group of Companies as a leader in the Northwest. We have been recognized as one of Oregon’s fastest-growing companies. Mr. Yoshida continues to expand our businesses as well as being involved in many philanthropic endeavors.

For more information about Mr. Yoshida and the various companies that make up Yoshida Group, click here or call 800-653-1114